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Laughter is good Medicine


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Pope Paul VI died and came to the gates of heaven. "I've come to take my place in heaven," he said to St. Peter. Having looked through the book of life, St. Peter replied; "I'm sorry, your name is not herein." Paul VI broke out in a cold sweat; "but...ask the Son of God! After all, I was His vicar." After consultation, St. Peter returned: "Sorry, the Lord Jesus does not know anyone by the name of Paul VI." "But...but," cried out Paul VI in desperation, "ask God the Holy Ghost. He will know who I am, for, after all, I am the pope of the great second Vatican Council and He presided thereat. He will certainly know who I am!" Shrugging his shoulders, St. Peter was heard asking the Holy Ghost; "someone by the name of Paul VI...says you would know him since you presided at some council...Vatican II, he claims." After a little silence, a voice came back; "Oh no, I completely forgot to go!"



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