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A Hearty Congratulations to Frs. Wall (below) and Alessio (right) who are celebrating this year, on the 26th of June and the 19th of June their 10th anniversary of the Holy priesthood.

Fr. Wall

Fr. Alessio

Another hearty congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Cudmore from Port Elizabeth who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversay on the 11th of April. We are looking forward to their 75th! Oh that there were many more good and holy marriages!

Let us also thank God for 13 new Subdeacons who were ordained, 9 in Econe, Switzerland, and 4 in Winona, USA, on the 5th of April.

We welcome back Sr. Elizabeth after she had been in the Novitiate house in Switzerland for three months where she was able to rejuvinate her spiritual life. Here she is with the other sisters in Roodepoort.

We also congratulate the following:

The Catechumen, Mr. Samuel Thomas from Harare, Zimbabwe, who was baptised in the Easter Vigil.

Stephen and Mandy Redford from Bredell on their newborn, Terence Anthony who was born on the 7th of March and baptised on the 16th.

Steven and Barbara Morris from Roodepoort on their newborn daughter, Marie Dorothee who was born on the 18th of March and baptised on the 22nd.

Andrew and Nicole Blyth from Roodepoort on their newborn daughter, Emma Brigit who was born and baptised on the same day, the 17th of March.

Kelsey Marie Truter, from Cape Town on the occasion of her first Holy Communion which she made on Easter Sunday.

In your charity, please pray for the following;

Rev. Fr. Markus who was the parish priest of Umlazi for many years and celebrated the true Mass. He is now on his bed of pain and suffering. Our Lord will no doubt be calling his soul soon. "Well done good and faithful servant!"

Herr Hacker who has been bed-ridden in Otjiwerango, middle of Namibia, for a long time now. Priests are only able to see him once every two months bringing him the joy of the holy Sacraments. He never breathes a word of complaint because of our rare visits.

In your charity, please pray for the following souls who have passed away:

Fr. Roche

Rev. Fr. Roche, who died in the early hours of Wednesday 2nd of April. Fr. Roche is a Society priest from Switzerland. He died after a long suffering from Leukemia.

Mrs. Cathrine Mary Abbott, from Harare, Zimbabwe, who died on the 29th of January 2003

Mrs. Berenice May Hodges, from Harare, Zimbabwe, who died on the 24th of February 2003

Mrs. Athanasia Shozi from the Marrianhill area, who died on the 24th of March.


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